What is the Impact Hub?

Our goal is to amplify the voice and multiply the efforts through curated partnerships with like-minded service partners.

Many leaders find themselves pulled away from generating impact and value for their constituents to focus on indirect but necessary activities and services.  Silverback Ventures created the Impact Hub to help businesses that derive value from both increasing profits and positively impacting the community and world around them. 

While serving our clients and speaking with impact brands, SBV became aware of a growing need for an efficient way for founders and senior leadership to vet, select and manage professional operational and administrative services to allow them to focus on growing their impact within their community and around the world.  While this is not a unique need, the need is magnified for organizations that see community or global impact as a metric on par with profitability. 


What is offered to members of the Impact Hub?

Silverback Ventures provides the following services to all its clients direct from its leadership & staff

Outsourced CFO services

  • Monthly financial report review and analyses
  • Quarterly financial review and planning meetings with senior leadership or board
  • Liaison with external stakeholders
  • New project financial impact modeling
  • Policy and procedure creation or revision
  • Audit support
  • Office hours for client staff questions

Outsourced HR services

  • Onboarding new employees through standardized processes and procedures
  • Contract and or employment agreement maintenance
  • Job description creation and or revision
  • Record keeping – centralized repository structure
  • Annual benefits enrollment coordination
  • Policy and procedure creation or revision
  • Office space culture awareness training
  • Senior and Mid-level leadership training
  • Office hours for client staff questions

Managed Service Partners

Managed service partners are carefully selected and vetted experts that share a passion for giving back to the community around them and for changing the world for the better.  They are committed to providing the highest level of integrity and dedication to the SBV clientele.   Silverback Ventures provides for the vetting, coordination, and oversight of service partners in the following:


  • Entering bills into accounting system
  • Creating customer invoices and posting payments to those invoices
  • Expense (vendor or other expense) payment processing through check or online
  • Categorizing and posting other transactions to online accounting system
  • Bank reconciliations


  • CPA tax preparation services
  • CPA 990 preparation services
  • Tax planning meetings
  • Audit – for profit
  • Audit – non-profit


  • Management of online payroll processing system
  • Time and attendance monitoring
  • Housing allowance documentation management (if applicable)
  • Employee of Record services (for non-US based employees)


  • Posting of job
  • Initial screening and vetting of candidates
  • Coordination with SBV on job descriptions and onboarding

Employee benefits

  • Health insurance renewals and reporting
  • After tax benefits (AFLAC, ADD, Life insurance)
  • 401k/403b plan implementation and reporting
  • Profit sharing plan implementation and reporting

Commercial Insurance

  • Getting quotes for new or existing needs
  • Coordination of renewals and documentation
  • Processing claims


  • Contract creation
  • Contract review
  • Business formation documentation
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Other

Real Estate

  • Buy a building
  • Rent a space
  • Sell a building
  • Rent excess space to others


  • Website design
  • Website update
  • Ongoing website maintenance
  • SEO optimization
  • Infrastructure (network, cabling, phone systems)
  • Hardware needs
  • Software needs

Are there other services offered?

Silverback Ventures provides the following consultative service scoped and priced separately from the fee for being a member of the Impact Hub.


  • Strategic planning meetings
  • Vision casting / implementation
  • Board training
  • Metric discovery and documentation
  • Process improvement
  • Profit optimization
  • Program or product profitability analyses

How does your organization benefit from the Impact Hub?

Your desire is to use your unique gifts, talents, and passions to meet a need in the world.  However, lately, you’ve been spending more time managing the business than increasing impact.  The Impact Hub can help you streamline your operations by providing outsourced leadership in a number of areas and providing curated, vetted partners in others.

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