What We Do.

Providing encouragement, empowerment, education, and investment through focused training, consultative engagements, and impact investing.

Silverback Ventures recognizes no two businesses are alike in scope or in life cycle. As such, we have created several options for our clients to plug in and receive the help they need to increase the impact they have on the community while maximizing enterprise value.

Our Leadership

“Through my work as an executive in both for and non-profit companies and as an entrepreneur working as a small business strategist, I have gained insight into the overwhelming number of individuals who are seeking something more. Something deeper is calling to them. Something that pushes them to question whether they are just destined to go through life only to arrive safely at death or if they’re destined for more. We all want to be the hero of our own story and leave a lasting impact on the world around us.” – Scott Woods

Attend one
of our WORKSHOPS to put your passion into action. 

Our workshops are a jumping off point to help you maximize energy, efficiency, and impact multiplication. You will gain tremendous insight from our team and partners and leave with actionable SMART goals for next steps.

Signature Workshop Series:

  • Turning Passion into Action
  • Living and Working On Purpose
  • Building Sustainability
  • Impact focused leadership
  • Culture, teams, and boards
  • Process driven growth

Why Attend?

Our workshops, board retreats and seminars provide practical strategies and actionable, real world solutions. Each is highly interactive and fully customizable to your team, industry, or event.  Unless noted otherwise, most can be delivered in three ways: as a 45-minute presentation with a 15-minute Q&A or as a skill-building workshop (full-day or half-day).

Community of Impact.

Apply to be part of our cohort of impact businesses
(limited to 10 per quarter).

  • Exclusive engagement with and advising from Silverback Ventures leadership and distinguished industry leaders
  • Direct coaching both as a group and one on one
  • Network with like-minded owners
  • Collaborate on shared services
  • Each cohort lasts 3 months

Channel Partners facilitate impact multiplication

All too often businesses lack access to high quality professionals who share their passion for creating and multiplying impact. Silverback Ventures created our Channel Partner program to promote professionals who seek to partner with impact driven companies where the value proposition results in 1 + 1 > 2.

Channel Partner Benefits include:

  • 3 month exclusive promotion on Silverback Ventures website and media channels
    • Access to promote your business to our cohort and workshop attendees
    • Podcast advertising
    • Logo and brief description on the channel partner section of the website
    • Channel Partner program (3 months)
    • Channel Partner industries
      • Legal
      • CPA/Tax/Financial Planning
      • Insurance
      • Payroll & benefits
      • Banking
      • Marketing & sales
      • Fundraising
      • IT Services
      • Website & graphic design
  • Other areas of support
    • Workshop Sponsor
    • Cohort participant scholarship

Current Workshops

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